Contract Staff / Secondment Service

As the business landscape is changing rapidly, companies with dynamic manpower planning will adapt better than others. Our contract staff / secondment service provides our clients with highly flexible and reliable workforce, ranging from by-day, by-month to on-going requests, and from entry-level staff to senior executives.

Being your outsourcing partner, we pride ourselves in our proactive personnel management. Treating employees with respect, dignity and fairness is our highest principle. By being genuinely interested in our employees’ careers, we can improve morale, boost productivity, and increase retention in the long run. In addition, we organize various training workshops, award contests and recreational activities through our employee portals to facilitate mutual communication. We understand the high costs of employee turnover to companies which have invested substantial resources to hiring and training before employees adapt to a new environment. Therefore, we aim to minimize turnover rate through employee relationship building and a proactive approach of communication.

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Advantages of Selecting Contract Staff / Secondment Service

Better cost and budgeting control

Professional advice and consultation on updated market trends and strategies

Alleviate pressure on company downsizing, retrenchment, and layoff etc

Enjoy better credit terms and improved liquidity

Reduced employer obligations resulting in time savings and lower expenses of HR managementFlexibility in handling sudden or short-term excess workload due to emerging needs, opportunities or ad hoc projects