Tips for CV Writing

Learn how to create an impeccable resume for your job application.
Tips for CV Writing
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A resume serves as a personal marketing tool. Its purpose is to capture the attention of potential employers and secure an interview opportunity. It is crucial that the information on your resume is both accurate and truthful. Any misrepresentation or significant omission could lead to the denial of employment.

  • Section 1
    Full Name and Contact Information (Mobile Number and Email Address)
  • Section 2 (Optional)
    Include a summary paragraph or highlights of your profile
  • Section 3
    Education (List starting with the highest qualification)
  • Section 4
    Professional Certificates / Qualifications
  • Section 5
    Work Experience (List in reverse chronological order)
  • Section 6
    Additional Information (Language proficiency, Current salary, Expected salary, Availability)
  • Resume Format
    Indicate the number of pages. Ensure consistency in font type and size. Adjust line spacing and margins for optimal readability.